We are proffesionals in industry

New installations

Our specialization is electrification of machines and automatic lines, adjustment of sensors, testing and start ups at the client site.

We also like to go to installations to clients all over the world where we assist with installation.

Assembling and wiring electrical panels

We know how to manufacture industrial switchboards, we focus on precision, quality and logical distribution of the components so that even during subsequent installation it is as easy as possible to connect

Cable bundles

Cable bundles must always be neatly tied so that everything is not only functional, but also looks nice. 


Every automated line or machine needs to be maintanend, we would be happy to help you with it.


After we finnish all hardware work, we help you of course with start up the project as well.

Support on big projects

.We also have experience with large projects for building and reconstruction of the food, warehouse and petrol and gas industry, atex rules are no stranger to us.

Company with more than 6 years experience in the Netherlands.

We are a team of five industrial electricians, serving clients across the Netherlands. With years of experience, we specialize in food, commercial, and industrial electrical projects. Our commitment to quality has earned us a trusted reputation, and our independence allows us to offer tailored solutions that fit your needs. We pride ourselves on our friendly and approachable demeanor, making communication easy and ensuring your satisfaction. For inquiries about our services and availability, please contact us.

Select proofed Electromonteurs

Available on WhatsApp: +31 640859066 

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